An up to date list of all the ways you can install Oxidize products on your Oxygen Builder website. Keep in mind, individual products will list the available integration methods, and not all methods are available for all products.

Hydrogen Copy/Paste

Copy and paste Hydrogen shortcodes into your page. Requires Hydrogen Pack or the free Hydrogen Paste plugin.

Oxygen Builder Shortcodes

Copy and paste Oxygen shortcodes into your page. Resign, and you're live!

Oxidize Connector

Easily import into your website via the Connector and a License Key.

Design Set Key

Add a design set to the native Oxygen Builder Design Set utility.


You'll receive detailed instruction on how to use this product after purchasing. Instructions are attached to the product in your account, as well as your purchase email.

Code Snippet

Delivered as an Advanced Scripts and Code Snippet JSON file.


Delivered and installed as a standard WordPress plugin.